About Storm Computers

Mission Statement:

Storm Computers has been serving Hancock and west Harrison counties for the past 22 years.  We are committed to having the best reputation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for providing services that are superior in quality and customer service.  Our mission is to offer Information Technology (IT) solutions for private and small business consumers throughout Hancock and Harrison counties.

Our target market includes small businesses and individuals over the age of 25.

We are within a growth industry.  Technology is constantly evolving through the release of innovations.  Many computer systems are considered obsolete within only months of their sale.  The advantage to this situation is a much higher turnover rate of home computer inventory.  Our customers are replacing old computers much sooner than they have in the past.  In addition, many homes use multiple systems, thereby increasing demand for new products and services.

A market segment with potential for significant growth is within the population of adults over the age of 55.  With the increasing popularity of other digital products (such as cameras and music players), this market has developed an increased desire to own and operate a computer as well as its digital accessories.  Storm Computers has the opportunity to move into this market and provide the products and services they desire: a computer and the knowledge of how to use it for their given purpose.  In this aspect, Storm Computers will be able to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Company History

Storm Computers, LLC is a sole proprietorship and has been in business for the past 22 years.  Our greatest achievement has been the ability to continue our operations while so many other competing firms have been forced to close their doors.  We have learned that customer satisfaction is vital to our success.  We have a superior reputation and an extremely loyal customer base.